Plus One Co., Ltd. Employment information Security, cleaning, facility management, building maintenance
The company employs about 600 people in their 20s and 60s
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Update December 23, 2019
  Hotel cleaning and bed making   Facility cleaning   Other
Foreigners living in Japan are also welcome.
We hope you look at it once and get interested.

■Message from employees to everyone!

■Employee interview

Employee Interview: Captain Furukawa Captain Furukawa
(Joined in 2004)
People are warm, I like work and work, and I am fulfilling every day. [more]
Employee interview young woman Young member
(Joined around 2012-14)
Captains at the site and employees at the headquarters will assemble their duties from the viewpoint of the site. [more]
Employee interviews young men Captain Matsuura
(Joined in 2011)
It has been four years since I changed jobs from service to security. Now I'm the Guard of Building Security.[more]